Commercial leasing technology to accelerate time-to-close and power the entire tenant life cycle.

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Manage Your Leases More Efficiently

Say goodbye to marked-up PDFs, scanned printouts, duplicated content and confusing file names, and start powering your leasing process with SimpleLease.

SimpleLease Lease Draft

Document Creation

Bring Your Own Agreement
With our easy to use lease creator, you can create lease documents in a fraction of the time.

Create the Exact Agreement You Want
Customizable and fully editable templates let you build the right contract for each property and tenant.

Don’t Waste Time Duplicating
Automatically generate customized summaries in real-time and at any stage in the leasing process.

Deal Collaboration

Collaborate Securely in the Cloud
Stop marking up scanned PDFs and invite all parties to collaborate on one document in the cloud – all  backed up securely so you never lose your most recent changes.

Control Who Has Access
Manage who can see and edit each document. Set up tenants, lawyers and brokers and landlords with the exact functionality they need – and no more.

Legally Binding eSignatures
Is everyone ready to sign? Easily request and add legally binding signatures to your lease agreements electronically without leaving SimpleLease.

SimpleLease Transactions

Lease Management

Streamline Payments Online
Schedule and manage automated bank transfers according to the terms of each lease. Verify tenant’s available funds to eliminate NSF’s.

Never Forget a Deadline
Get critical date notifications and a suite of lease administration tools for both landlords and tenants, such as renewal date alerts and collecting a certificate of insurance (coming soon).

Manage All Your Deals
Whether you have just one property or hundreds, manage all your deals on one simple, secure platform designed just for you.

Are you ready to control every step of the leasing process?

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